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To promote education, research and public awareness of the area as one of critical environmental concern.

The opening sentence of our mission statement attests to the major focus of the Friends of Pleasant Bay in promoting programs to understand the ecology of Pleasant Bay and its watershed at all levels.  Historically this has included funding of studies generating the data that inform decisions affecting the use and management of our shared resource.  

FoPB has supported diverse projects; documenting water quality at numerous sites around the bay, helping to generate management plans for shoreline, bogs and open spaces and programs studying all aspects of Horseshoe crab biology as well as plant and fish populations.  


FoPB has been eager to assist in conservation efforts to purchase and manage land of ecological importance within the watershed.  Perhaps most importantly, FOPB is eager to participate in educating the public.  

FoPB has helped to fund a variety of public symposia on topics ranging from horseshoe crabs and seals, to the impact of climate change on the integrity of our barrier islands.  Current projects include a major effort to expose local school children to the diversity of life forms on Pleasant Bay - supporting field trips on a solar powered pontoon boat and providing a rigorous introduction to bay ecology.  We welcome inquiries from individuals or groups who are eager to help support our mission.


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