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Fran Schofield

Born and educated in Massachusetts, Fran spent memorable childhood summers at her grandfather’s
125-acre tree farm in RI (now the Edward D. Vock Conservation Area, stewarded by the Burrillville
Conservation Trust). Formative experiences there cultivated a lifelong interest in natural and built
environments, leading her to the Harvard University Graduate School of Design master’s program in
landscape architecture and professional work in coastal zone management, urban revitalization,
regional and land use planning, and commercial real estate development.
After moving with her family to Brewster in 2000, Fran entered the real estate marketing and sales
arena where she’s had extensive professional involvement with the Pleasant Bay estuary. Two real
estate transactions of note include representing Pleasant Bay Community Boating in the acquisition of
its waterfront campus (and later serving on its board of directors and chair of its marketing and
communications team) and serving as co-listing agent for Sipson Island in its sale to the Sipson Island
An activist at heart, Fran has championed democratic causes and candidates since 2004, co-founded the
Cape Cod Climate Change Collaborative in 2016, been named Democrat of the Year in 2019, and
received a Commonwealth Heroine Award for exceptional contributions to community in 2023. Fran
recently entered Suzanne Leahy’s catboat program at PBCB, where she failed at knot-tying but was
happily (and finally) on the water. She appreciates the opportunity to serve on FoPB’s board and help
advance its important mission.

Fran Schofield
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